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How to Choose a Delivery Supplier for Your Flower Shop Your flower shop’s success is hinged on a variety of factors, such as marketing and customer service. But of course, its basic building block is looking for the right wholesale flower supplier. You can spend tons of money into advertisements, but unless the flowers you sell are looking fresh and beautiful, getting customers will be a feat. As a retailer, choosing the best wholesale supplier is the single most crucial business decision you will ever make, below are tips to help you with that: The Wholesaler’s Supplier
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As much as possible, you’d like to find a wholesaler who runs their own farm, whether solely or with partners. This often means you’ll get much fresher and longer lasting flowers. Also, choosing a supplier that grows their own flowers reduces additional costs that come with a longer supply chain.
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Variety of Blooms Offering a variety of blooms at your store at all times increases your client base, with a lot repeat buyers. But when you have to deal with different suppliers just to maintain a diverse inventory of cut flowers, that can be too taxing and time-consuming. Make your business operations simpler by choosing a supplier that provides not just a great variety of cut flowers, but also of diverse colors. Speed of Delivery Several larger wholesale flower suppliers have a network of farms they work with, which is great when t comes to variety. This can also stretch the supply chain, however, and create problems with delivery. When searching for a wholesale supplier, be clear about their delivery guarantee – exactly how long will it take for them to deliver cut flowers after you place your order? On top of that, make sure this time frame begins from the date the flowers were cut, not from when they reached your wholesaler’s facility. Processing Facilities As soon as the flowers get to the supplier’s facilities, they have to be processed quickly and properly in order to extend their shelf life and maintain their freshness. That means the supplier you choose must operate out of state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouses that come complete with unique wet packing and bouquet assembly facilities. Accessibility As a business owner, you know that you can get so busy and work hours can be extended. It may be hard to place timely orders if your chosen supplier’s business hours are limited. If your wholesale supplier has 24/7 customer support and an online ordering option, that would be a welcome bonus. As you can see, there are so many factors that have to be considered when you choose a wholesale flower supplier. Essential to the success of your flower shop, the supplier you pick must combine high quality flowers, a wide-ranging selection, fast processing and high-level customer service at reasonable rates.

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